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#GDTBATH: Ricky Burgess

Ph.D. 学生Ricky Burgess学习领导力, identity and morality in the context of teams at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Outside of the classroom, the Tar Heel also walks the walk as a prominent member of the student research community and an 少数优秀学者计划.

Ricky Burgess standing outside.

领导者经常使用两种不同的心态来实现他们的目标, says Ricky Burgess, an organizational behavior Ph.D. 他是北卡罗来纳大学凯南-弗拉格勒商学院的学生.

第一种是“以预防为重点”的领导者.“他们的首要任务是维持现状,避免损失. 他们更倾向于不恰当地否决他人, 和他们一起工作的人经常陷入一个消极的循环, 不愿提出有利于集体的建议.

第二种是注重晋升的领导者. 他们寻找可能性、进步和新收获的潜力. 他们的团队通常更有前瞻性和创造性, working in service of a greater goal and often achieving greater results than their prevention-focused counterparts.

Burgess’ research into regulatory focus in leaders has shown that it’s far easier said than done to be a great leader.

Even more remarkable, then, is that Burgess himself not only talks the talk as a Ph.D. student working on a range of leadership-focused projects but also walks the walk – as a prominent member of the student research community and an 少数优秀学者计划.

伯吉斯说,他受益于北卡罗来纳大学凯南-弗拉格勒分校的社区精神, which fosters positive leadership qualities in its students and provides abundant opportunities for research advancement and collaboration.

First interview was magic

麻省理工学院土木与环境工程学士学位, 卡内基梅隆大学的MBA和硕士学位, Burgess had six years of project management experience under his belt before he joined UNC Kenan-Flagler.

“As a project manager I started realizing that what really got me passionate was understanding how leaders in our organization were working and how to make our teams function better,” he says.

这促使他考虑攻读组织行为学博士学位, and at a conference run by The Ph.D. Project he ran into his friend Angelica Leigh (20岁),当时是北卡罗来纳大学凯南-弗拉格勒分校的博士生.

Leigh advised him to consider UNC Kenan-Flagler, 在组织行为学领域,优秀的教师和令人兴奋的工作正在发生.

“I said, ‘You know what? It’s too far, it’s too country, not a big enough city – I’m not even going to look at it!’”里奇现在笑着说,他错得太离谱了.

我很好奇利是怎么说北卡罗来纳大学教员的, 他开始调查学院的学术领导. Impressed with what he saw, 第一次面试结束后,他决定申请, he knew he’d caught the UNC bug.

他说:“我的第一次面试就像魔术一样。. 与组织行为学教授交谈 Jessica Christian, Matthew Pearsall and Michael Christian, Burgess recognized a faculty aligned with both his research interests and his collaborative mindset.

“无论是在那次谈话中,还是在我的访问中, 我被北卡罗来纳大学组织行为项目的家庭方面所打动,” he says. “这些人与我的利益是一致的, very supportive, 我知道在这里我可以茁壮成长. 每个人都在一起工作,以确保他们互相支持.”


The positive, proactive atmosphere of UNC Kenan-Flagler made an impression on Burgess from day one, particularly among his Ph.D. cohort.

很快,他就最正规外围足球网站自己在走廊里与同伴们自然地交谈起来, learning about new research topics. They became not merely colleagues, but close friends and collaborators who have provided support and encouragement throughout his program.

“In fact, a project I’m on now which is currently at an advanced stage at one of our leading journals, 是我和一个同学在酒吧里最正规外围足球网站的,” he says.

The sense of community is ubiquitous throughout the business school, Burgess has found. Students are willing to open with each other about their research and invite classmates onto their projects. 激烈的竞争明显不存在.

Indeed, 除了他对监管重点和团队合作的研究, 伯吉斯也是另外几个项目的一部分. 一项研究的重点是监管如何影响团队的道德行为. 另一项研究着眼于领导人在冠状病毒大流行期间是如何适应的.

He also is working on a project about racial discrimination and bystander intervention, 这是一个与 Shimul Melwani, an organizational behavior professor and associate dean of the Undergraduate Business Program.

Burgess has big plans for these projects and hope they will have a real impact on the future of business.

Applying leadership lessons

“The great thing about being in organizational behavior is that our research is largely applied,” Burgess says.

Many of his projects have practical objectives: his research on how leaders have adapted to the pandemic will one day help businesses become more adaptive, and his work with Melwani aims to provide guidelines for bystanders on how to recognize and intervene in situations of injustice.

同时也给商业领袖提供了重要的指示, 伯吉斯也渴望对学术界的领导层做出积极的改变, 他看到这些变化已经发生了.

As an 少数优秀学者计划 himself, he is highly aware of the structural barriers that people of color and other underrepresented groups face when it comes to entering academia.

“我的本科研究经验非常少,”伯吉斯说. “I entered my Ph.D. program past the age of 30, which is older than usual, and if you look at the data, 通常情况下,来自弱势背景的学生是相似的.”

伯吉斯认为,有几项举措可以反击这一趋势. For instance, there is The Ph.D. Project, which led him to UNC Kenan-Flagler.

At Carolina specifically, his organizational behavior group is working to create more access for underrepresented students, and he is participating in an outreach event to expose minority students to academic opportunities within organizational behavior research.

This passion for creating change in his own academic community as well as with his research is one Burgess hopes to maintain as he progresses in academia.

He knows first-hand from his own relationships with his advisors Jessica Christian and Matthew Pearsall the impact that faculty can have on student success, and he is determined to replicate this positive mentorship experience when he becomes a professor himself one day.

His advice to students from underrepresented backgrounds looking to enter academia is to be unafraid of being the change they want to see in the academic landscape.

“我认为,对于许多攻读博士学位的学生来说.D.尤其是在组织行为学方面,这似乎非常令人生畏。. “通常情况下,你不知道谁做过这件事, 或者,似乎只有特定类型的人能够进入项目. 你可能认为你必须要有惊人的成绩和惊人的考试成绩, and that everything must be perfect.

“To that, I would say: Yes, credentials matter, but they are not the end-all, be-all. 如果你对某个主题充满激情, passionate about research, passionate about pursuing ideas, 你应该强烈考虑申请博士学位.D. program as soon as possible in organizational behavior – and if you want to be surrounded by a supportive community, be sure to consider UNC.”


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